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PROSLOT PRODUCTION CHASSIS & why it has not been approved for Falcon Pro 2008
A number of racers have asked why the Proslot 1/24th production chassis has not been approved for the Falcon Pro 2008 series. The following is a standard e-mail reply sent out by us in regard to this. The decision is full and final for the 2008 series, however, dependant on any development outcomes in regard to ongoing manufacture of this chassis in a modified form (possibly in regard to a material change), the situation will be reviewed for the 2009
In regard to the Question “Is the Proslot 1/24 Production chassis approved for Falcon Pro 2008” the short answer is no.
the long answer is -
The Prolsot chassis is not legal
a) because it was released after the rules were drafted.
b) because when it was released and tested there was some question as to the strength of the chassis and a possibility that it would be re-manufactured in another material (and we had no wish to approve a chassis which was at that time "unseen".)
c) since that time, although it has been seen to be good in the handling department, it has also been noted to be very weak and bendy. (see the many comments on Old Weird Herald etc.) Based on this and that the ethic of the series is to give racers value for money, it seems a negative move to approve a chassis which does not represent value for money in the "logevity department".
At the outset of the series we said we would not change the "production rules" in the first year to encourage stability and racer confidence in the series, and this has been adhered to.
Rules will be reviewed at the end of the 2007 series and at that time we will take feedback from racers involved in the series in regard to new approvals.
You will notice that the Hypersport chassis (in 1/32 scale) has been approved, but only for 2007 in the Open "pro" class and not the production class. This is because it gives a development platform for a production chassis which has been proved to be more than just "good", but does not disadvantage racers in the Production only class.
Unfortunately there is only one level in the 1/24th class and therefore the decision stands in regard to the Proslot chassis.