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Report by Andy Smith;-

Mike Harvey, one of the original Presto members has reformed the Presto Park Club in Norwich. For those that don't know Presto is one of slot racing's most historic clubs having links that go back to Colin Chapman and Lotus motor racing. Moreover the old Presto track was one of THE great tracks of the sport.
From my time at the March club with Mike, I know that the quality of his workmanship is excellent as is his attention to detail. I've no doubts his new track will be great to race on and marks the return of a great club to the slot racing family. From what I know the Presto track will mainly race Scalex type cars but will also be able to race BSCRA and Retro type cars
Comment fro Mike Harvey;-  Presto Park is located at Bushey Place, Old Cromer Rd, Aylsham, Norfolk. NR11 6HF. Contact phone no - 01603 754319. The track is four lane, routed 12 mm MDF with recessed braid built to BSCRA standards,70ft in length and each lane is the same length. We race hard bodied cars every Wednesday evening from 7 to 10pm. It is possible that in the future we MAY go down the Slot Car route as you and I know it but we will need some help from people currently in the sport re car purchase, car classes, preparation, hand controllers etc etc as it is 30 yrs since I raced them with Andy Smith (now Leicester.)