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Great Racing For the Fun Of It!

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Falcon Pro 2014 rules

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The A4 2014 Poster

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The A3 2014 Poster

poster A4.pdf poster a3.pdf Pinewood Raceway - February 2nd
Oaklands Park -  March 30th 
Rockingham Raceway  June 15th
North London  -  August  10th 
South Downs Raceway  October 5th 
Raceway 81  November 16th

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Welcome to Falcon Pro 2014!

Now in its 7th Year, Falcon Pro provides low cost, extremely competitive, close and fun racing for all levels of racer on some of the UK’s very best tracks.  From Novice to Pro this series is a great way to get involved in competitive racing without breaking the bank and finding some great tips on set up on the way ! To make the series even more accessible cost wise racers are advised to share transport and book accommodation well in advance of events to get the best deals.


The Falcon Pro Race Series is open to drivers of all levels. The 1/32 Sports class will be split into 2 different sub classes - Falcon & Falcon Pro. Racers may enter either Sub Class, but only one sub class per race. Points cannot be transferred between sub classes.


1) ALL CLASSES ARE FOR SEALED / UNOPENED Falcon 7 , JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro, Trinity Evil 9, Fast Ones Demon and Slick7 S7-588 Mini Motors Only. No other manufacturer motor allowed.

2) All bodies should be painted in prototypical or scale colour schemes, with a minimum of 2 race numbers - NO TWO TONE FADES OR CARRIER BAGS!

3) In all classes, the body must cover the guide flag.


Falcon Pro Formula One;-  Free Choice of chassis. Free choice of formula one bodies. Bodies must be commercially available, mass manufactured and cover the entire chassis with the exception of front wheel stub axles. Dimensional criteria as per BSCRA F1 class (except chassis dimensions in regard to the Devil and JK F1 chassis where the chassis dictates front axle detail.)

Falcon Sports 1/32

Any Body from the BSCRA 1/32 Sports car body list with the exception of the following bodies ;-

BSP Audi R8 (both versions ) and R10
BPA Mercedes CLK LM (051), Courage C60 ( 057 and 057/2) and Lola Judd (068)
Outisight Mercedes CLR mk1 and mk2 version

Chassis;- As per BSCRA 1/32 Novice Production rules (at November 22nd 2008) and also the JK Spring Steel Falcon chassis (1503/32 or 1503/42), built to BSL specifications (i.e. unmodified) and the JK Hypersport, 3 piece (unmodified).

Overall car width and body height to conform to BSCRA production rules.

Falcon Pro Sports 1/32

As above but free chassis choice.

Pro Falcon 1/24th Sports

Bodies - Any Le-Mans Car, open or closed cockpit raced from 1996 to the current day, manufactured by JK Products, TWP or Betta. No “Ultimate” bodies.

Maximum Wing height 38mm. Bodies should be cut to the cut line where available and have a minimum or 1mm vertical edge at the front of the body.

Chassis;- Any U.S.R.A. Approved, unmodified pressed steel production chassis (2 or 3 piece) from the following manufacturers - Parma, Champion, Slot Works, JK Products, Mossetti, Proslot.

Pin tubes must be in the original locations and may be floating or solid.  Pin tubes must be Straight and be located at 90 degrees to the centerline of the chassis. They may not be located or bent to minimise or modify chassis movement in any way. . No pin tube or attachment is allowed to any other part of  the chassis to either brace the pans or centre  section or  modify pan Movement

Front wheels;- Minimum 12.7mm diameter. 0.8mm wide. Wheels must be vertical, they may be entirely made of rubber or must have the outer portion of the tyre made from rubber.

Front Wheels / axle / stub axles must be located in the original axle holes.  There is no requirement for the front wheels to be mounted on a one piece front axle, wheels may be mounted on pins if desired, but must locate through the original axle holes. Wheels must be located on the outer face of the front wheel pillar blocks/mountings within 6mm of outer edge of chassis.

A small amount of material may be removed from the inside of the vertical motor bracket to correctly locate motor but the outer profile of the vertical motor bracket (if intrinsic in the design) must remain unaltered.

Motor & or rear pillar block bracing is allowed. However all must be located BEHIND the leading edge of the motorcan and strictly within the confines of the chassis.

The Minimum rear axle height (when measured from the underside of the chassis to the top surface of the rear axle) is 8.5mm.

Soldering or gluing of additional fittings of any kind may not be attached in any way to the standard chassis to facilitate Lead wire attachment. However a piece of lexan or tape across the opening in the centre section to prevent lead wires dropping is acceptable providing it does not modify chassis movement.

Lead may be attached to the top of the chassis to adjust balance and weight distribution but in no way must this adjust or be seen to modify chassis movement.

2014 additon;-  Front Wheel option for closed body classes - Falcon 1/32 sports Production, Falcon Pro 1/32 Sports and 1/24 Falcon Sports

2 dimensional front wheels appropriately placed on the body are permitted instead of  rotating front wheels. These fronts must look realistic, including a black tyre and wheel detail (Not just a black circle!). These fronts may be stickers. They

must be a complete wheel and tyre and must be placed in the correct fore and aft position on the side of the body

The scrutineers decision on all above matters is final.

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